Exhibition 2019

Wood Engraving Workshop

Master and Students

Master and Students

We were fortunate to have local artist Garrick Palmer at the studio during the weekend of 17/18 September to run a most enjoyable and productive wood engraving workshop over one and a half days. Each printmaker was provided with a range of tools and a small block of lemonwood and with the assistance of Garrickā€™s entertaining descriptions, careful preparation, clear guidance and helpful criticism, produced the impressive results shown in the accompanying photographs. Although most of those present had previous printmaking experience, nobody had tried this particular technique before. Several members are keen to continue with wood engraving at the studio and we will soon have the appropriate tools and materials for people to do this during open access sessions.

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Skellington John Blue Cheeseflowerer Headlong Tropaeolum Majus Beach 2014-03-18-17-26-30-sm Garrick Palmer Tricorn 15 Pulpy Fruit