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Garrick Palmer Tricorn Exhibition

Garrick Palmer, one of our members who met several of you through his wood engraving workshop at Omega Printmakers, has some of his terrific photographs of the Tricorn in a fascinating exhibition at the City Museum, designed and produced by another member, Deborah Richards. Some of Garrick’s signed photos are for sale, as are nine digital artists’ prints, originally made by silkscreen or etching, promoted by Strong Island. One of these was made by Eloise Parrack, who you may remember from some of our workshops. Strong Island is planning a weekend of Art events connected with the exhibition during May and there should also be some talks.

Here are the exhibition details:

15th March 2014 – 29th June 2014
Tricorn – Love It or Hate It?
Portsmouth City Museum

Ten years on, the Tricorn still inspires passionate reactions. This exhibition at Portsmouth City Museum explores its story and the people who used it. The exhibition seeks to present a rounded picture of this controversial building, the good points as well as its failings.  It includes not only architectural drawings, photographs and pieces of Tricorn concrete, but also oral history recordings of local people involved in the building as builders, planners and its users, together with works of art inspired by it.  Contemporary fashion, material on other local buildings and on Brutalist structures elsewhere in Britain help to give the Tricorn its context. A significant number of local people have been involved by lending artefacts for the exhibition or contributing their memories.

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