Exhibition 2017


The Omega Print Workshop is fully equipped for traditional Fine Art Printmaking. The workshop contains:

Intaglio Printmaking

  • Harry Rochat double geared 26″ x 46″ etching press
  • Tofko adjustable collagraph/relief press
  • Acid etch extraction unit
  • Wash out sink and paper soaking
  • Hotplate and rollers
  • Aquatint box

Relief Printmaking

  • 1892 Albion Relief Press


  • Natgraph adjustable vacuum table
  • Trumax adjustable vacuum table
  • Natgraph exposure unit
  • Screenwash extraction unit

Tutors, students and open access members will need a full induction and authorisation to use the equipment.


We are aiming to use non-toxic methods of printmaking at Omega Street in the long term. We encourage the use of a mixture of washing up liquid, cooking oil and water in place of white spirit, parcel tape on the back of plates instead of straw hat varnish with etching ground replacing straw hat for sugar lift. There are explanatory notices in the studios.