Annual membership £35

Open access is only available to members. To be eligible for membership you should be proficient in the printmaking techniques and equipment you wish to use. It is helpful if you can either bring some of your recent work to show us, point to your printmaking work online or have a recommendation from an existing member.

You will also have to attend a short induction session so that you are familiar with the studio and our health and safety procedures.

Open access is unsupervised although there is often a technician at hand. If you want technical support or to build up your skills, look out for our supervised access courses.

Membership also includes an annual open submission exhibition of member’s work and be involved in the curation, hanging and private view.

Open access times

Open access sessions currently run on Saturdays, 10am to 5pm, starting 5 September, 2020.

Email if you wish to book a session and we will let you know if the session has any free spaces. Please let us know if you intend to do screen printing, etching or relief.

Open access costs

Full day: £60
Half day: £30

These costs can be shared among the group attending. For example four people may print for the day for £15 each.